This summer, 66 hours of concerts, art and experiences await you in Smolník. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and come for 66 hours to switch off in an abandoned tobacco factory in the nature of the Slovak Ore Mountains. Concerts by contemporary bands, theatre, discussions on topical issues, art workshops and exhibitions await you. But it won’t just be about art, discover the nature that surrounds the festival grounds, go for a hike or go for a swim in the nearby Smolník taich.

It is clear to us that guests will come to our festival from far and near. In order to ensure the comfort of all visitors, but at the same time not to cause a traffic collapse in Smolník, we have prepared two parking lots where you can safely park your car. The parking lots are within walking distance from the festival grounds.

The festival atmosphere is not complete without camping, and after the last concert or party, it’s hard to think about where to put your head down. In Smolník we have prepared a tent city for everyone outside, but also inside the factory. It’s up to you whether you sleep in the open air, in a tent or in the hall of an abandoned factory. Maybe you’ll just take a nap somewhere for a while and maybe you’ll make it the whole 66 hours without sleeping.

You will be able to buy food and drinks on the premises, and as far as the offer is concerned, it is really varied.

The breweries Squark from Košice and Herrenwald from Mala Ida will take care of your drinking regime, where craft beers will be tapped directly by their creators. You can look forward to lagers, IPAs and sours, and you can direct your feelings and impressions of the beers directly to the brewers.

When hunger strikes, you can solve it with streetfood food outside at the barbecue stalls, or a hot meal from the factory canteen that will take you back to primary school – but that only applies to the interior. You’ll also find vegetarian and vegan dishes on the grill and in the cafeteria.

The village of Smolník experienced a huge development in the 18th century, connected with mining. After its decline, the Austro-Hungarian Empire decided to stabilise the economic situation by building a tobacco factory. The factory operated until the beginning of the 21st century, but today the building is abandoned and unused. We believe that art, creativity and community development in the space of an abandoned factory can be a new energy for a region that today suffers from the highest unemployment in eastern Slovakia.


We are all preparing and looking forward to 66 hours of fun, adventure, exploring the region, but most importantly (much more than) 66 hours of hustle and bustle, duties, responsibilities, work, and last-minute decisions. If you want to help us with all this work and at the same time find out how the festival preparation works, what to think about, what to prepare and how to make the festival feel good for everyone, sign up for our open call.

What can we give you?
Food, drink and accommodation before the festival (you can use our tent city during the festival), a glimpse behind the scenes of the festival organisation, cultural activities. Each volunteer will receive a t-shirt with the festival’s visual.

What do we need from you?
Help with festival organisation, hands, feet and eyes where needed.


Martin Panulin
Festival director
+421 905 545 986
Lukáš Luberda
Head producer
+421 903 511 593


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